Sunset Cruise

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Sunset Cruises

Grand Cayman’s sublime sunsets are a sight to behold during your private boat charter.

Cayman’s warm tropical waters allow you to be swimming or relaxing in the ocean or aboard our boat while the sun is setting across the water.

Cayman Sea Private Charter’s Three Hour Tour, Skippers Tours and Salty Sea Dog Day boat charters can all be timed to finish with the sunset.

Our Sundowners In Paradise, Dinner & Bio Bay and Full Day Bio Bay boat charters already include watching the sun set.

Your sunset cruise charters will be timed to reach Starfish Point in time to meet the starfish then enjoy the sunset across Cayman’s North Sound, then from the boat as you either cruise home or off to further adventure.

We like to allow 30 minutes of your private charter for this so you have a little more time at Starfish Point and a slower cruise home watching the stars from the boat.

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