Stingray City

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Stingray City

The magical Stingray City Sandbar is without a doubt Grand Cayman’s best boat charter destination.

The world famous Stingray City is a shallow sandbar where people and stingrays have learned to trust each other over generations.

Although miles from land it can get crowded so when you contact us about a private charter we will suggest the best days and times for your Stingray City visit.

The unique Stingray City Sandbar (or simply ‘Sandbar’ to locals) is an excellent boat charter for groups and families to meet Cayman’s friendly stingrays. The sandy sea floor is between 2′ and 4′ deep so is perfect for both swimmers and non-swimmers.

Your private boat charter with Cayman Sea will visit Sandbar unless you request otherwise. There is another location know as Stingray City (deep) which at 15’ depth is preferred for scuba diving with the stingrays.

Please allow at least 45 minutes of your private boat charter for this location.

Stingray City Photos

All these photos were taken by us on our Stingray City boat charters here in Grand Cayman!

Inquire below, or Contact US to reserve your private boat tour to Stingray City!

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