Starfish Point

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Starfish Point

Enjoying the serenity of Starfish Point is an essential part of your private boat charter in Grand Cayman.

Surrounded by palm trees, white sandy beach and out of sight of civilization, Starfish Point is a popular place to throw a frisbee, play catch, or just chat with friends during your boat charter. With a shallow sand bar extending from the beach that ranges from ankle deep to waist deep it is the perfect place for swimmers and non-swimmers alike to enjoy the warm waters of the Cayman Islands.

The best times to visit Starfish Point on your boat charter are weekdays. Saturdays often have party boats with loud music and Sunday afternoons are popular with locals.

Located on a sand cay on the eastern shores of the North Sound, Starfish Point Grand Cayman lies between Rum Point and Kaibo and is best accessed by boat charter. If you are staying on the Northside of Grand Cayman and we meet you at Kaibo you may consider replacing Starfish Point with a Mangrove Tour, another Reef Snorkel or one of our other stunning boat charter destinations as Starfish Point can be accessed by land.

If your private boat charter includes a Sunset Cruise you can expect to visit Starfish Point later in the afternoon for the sunset. We love this time of day at Starfish Point as often we have it all to ourselves!

Allow at least 30 minutes of your private boat charter for Starfish Point.

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