Deep Sea Fishing

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Deep Sea Fishing

Grand Cayman lies on top of an undersea ridge so is ideally situated for deep sea fishing charters.

The ocean floor north of Grand Cayman drops, in some places vertically, to over 1000’ within a couple hundred yards of the shoreline. Within 5nm the ocean floor is in excess of 10,000’. To the south east of the island is the Cayman Trench which is one of the deepest ocean locations on earth.

This means Cayman has excellent deep sea fishing and you don’t have to travel far to have lines in ready for Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi and other pelagic fish.

12 Mile Bank is Grand Cayman’s closest offshore deep sea fishing grounds. Starting about 9nm west of North West Point in West Bay the undersea bank runs in a NE to SW direction for about 5nm and shallows to around 80’.

Fishing 12 Mile Bank generally gives you more chance of catching rather than fishing but the transit takes from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the sea state.

What sets Cayman Sea’s deep sea fishing charters apart is our crew have all grown up here deep sea fishing and know the waters like the back of their hands. In fact our guys love fishing so much if they are not running boat charters for the company they are out fishing for themselves. If there is fish to be found they’ll find them. If you are up for hitting the bank at first light so are we… fish on!

We also consider the fish caught to be yours and will fillet and bag it for you so you can enjoy your catch during your stay. Of course if you catch more fish than is practical to eat while you are here please leave it with the crew so they, and hopefully the owner;), can enjoy as well.

If your accommodation doesn’t provide cooking facilities many restaurants here will cook your fish for you. Please check with your captain on the day of your charter for recommendations.

We offer two locations for your deep sea fishing charters:

North West Point Deep Sea Fishing Charters

This fishing charter takes you to fish the north west coast of Grand Cayman where the vertical wall and converging ocean currents around the island make excellent fishing grounds. Being so close to the island you will be deep sea fishing within minutes of leaving the dock.

12 Mile Bank Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Head offshore to 12 Mile bank for your deep sea fishing charter and get amongst the Skipjacks and Bonito at first light then drift for yellow fin or follow the Man O’ Wars and weed lines to your next catch.

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