Bio Bay Bioluminescence

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Bio Bay Bioluminescence

The beautiful Bioluminescence of Grand Cayman’s Bio Bay is one of the few places on earth where you can consistently see these blue/green lights in the ocean.

As we boat into the bay it will seem like any other night tour until suddenly the water will light up with thousands of tiny blue green stars.

You’ll see a stream of stars through the boat’s propellers, make a rainbow of them with your hands through the water and even jump in for a swim and make a bioluminescent angel!

Bays and canals like this in Cayman do have jellyfish that lie on the sea floor and are attracted to light or stirred up by swimming. You’ll see we keep the underwater boat lights off during your charter and also provide full body suits for you if you wish to swim. Your crew won’t wear the suits if they jump in as we’re used to swimming shallow!

Our private charters to Bio Bay are timed to give you the most options for seeing the bioluminescence while making the most of your time on the boat.

You may choose to do a private tour, or add it to a longer boat charter where you meet the stingrays, snorkel and see the starfish during the day.

More details of your options are on our boat charter rates page.

Please also note we must wait about an hour after the sun has set for the night to be dark enough to see the Bioluminescence properly. This is why we include a dinner stop on our longer tours to Bio Bay.

Also these natural lights will be overpowered on a brightly moonlit night so these tours are best done only at certain times of the lunar month.

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