Boat Charter Rates & Cost

Private Boat Charter Rates

Your charter crew are all experienced professionals who understand that your day with us is unique. You and your family’s safety is of the utmost importance to us and we work hard to make sure you have a fantastic time and leave with great memories.

All filmed by us on our boat tours

There are NO hidden extras! The prices below all include;

  • Food for Stingrays
  • Bottled water and juices
  • Iced coolbox for any beverages you’d like to bring along
  • Snorkeling equipment with sizes for the whole family
  • FUN! Lots of fun and great memories!

Private Boat Charter Package Tours

A Three Hour Tour

3 Hours


Our three hour charter is designed for those who are time limited but still like the finer things in life.

On this charter you’ll visit Stingray City, Starfish Point and snorkel the reef when others can only offer 1 or 2 stops. We can do this because we cruise comfortably at 30 knots so saving up to an hour on transit times.

A free hour in the water… for you!


4 Hour Skipper’s Tour

4 Hours


The 4 hour Skipper’s Charter takes you to Stingray City Sandbar, reef snorkeling and to relax at starfish beach plus, given we don’t mess around between stops, you’ll fit in another snorkel, a mangrove tour or a mudslide stop as well.

Everything plus a little bit extra is what this charter is about.


5 Hour Skipper’s Tour

5 Hours


The 5 hour Skippers Charter is our lunch stop charter. Stingray City, Snorkeling, Starfish Point plus a belly full and a mudslide… or three!


Sundowners in Paradise

6 Hours


Sunset Cruise

Our Sundowners in Paradise Charter is a full afternoon on the water finishing with a relaxing cruise under the Cayman sunset.

Stingray City, Reef Snorkeling, Rum Point, Mangrove Tour, Kaibo then Starfish Point and Sunset Cruise home


Salty Sea Dog Day

7 Hours


Full Day Boat Charter

Our Salty Sea Dog Charter is a full monty private boat charter for true ocean lovers.

A relaxing, full day private charter including all the above destinations with plenty of time to enjoy, plus a stop for lunch and a drink or three at Kaibo, Rum Point or both!

We’ll have you wrangling stingrays like pros, posing artistically with starfish, snorkeling secret reef locations and maybe even find some conch to make cerviche on the boat or catch a lobster for your dinner (season permitting).


Bio Bay Bioluminescence Private Charters

Bio Bay boat charters are best for about two weeks out of every lunar month and the start times will vary with the sunset during the year so please contact us for more information.

Bio Bay Your Way

3 Hours


Cruise over to Kaibo or Rum Point for dinner then tour Bio Bay to see Grand Cayman’s beautiful Bioluminescence.

No crowds, just you, your family and friends.


Half Day Bio Bay

5 Hours


Stingray City after the crowds have gone, sunset at Starfish Point, dinner stop at Kaibo or Rum Point and a private tour of Bio Bay.

What more can we say?!


Full Day Bio Bay

7 Hours


You’ll start your private boat charter mid afternoon visiting Stingray City, snorkeling the reef, stop for mudslides at Rum Point and finish your day in the sun under the sunset at Starfish Point. You’ll then head in for your dinner on the beach at Kaibo before your private tour to Grand Cayman’s Bio Bay.

This is our bucket list charter… stingrays, starfish, coral reefs, and bioluminescence all in one day and timed so you see the least crowds!


Deep Sea Fishing Rates

Due to rapidly rising fuel prices, charter rates for deep sea fishing will be quoted on request. Please contact us for a quote.

Our charter boat is maintained in excellent condition by the owner and is arguably the smoothest riding and most comfortable vessel in its class. “Fishing Affair’ accommodates ten adults and boasts a fresh water shower, stand up bathroom, WiFi and a blue-tooth equipped sound system as well as full safety equipment and toys for the kids.

Our boat charter rates also include pick up from Camana Bay, the Barcadere, West Bay Yacht Club or Kaibo. If you are staying at a private residence with a dock located in the North Sound we can pick you up right outside your house. Pick up from Seven Mile Beach is available but will be quoted separately and is subject to sea conditions on the day.

When you contact us we’ll work with you to plan the best times for you boat charter with the least crowds possible.

You can go early and be the first people of the day to meet the stingrays, or later making it a sunset cruise home. Leave mid-morning and stop for lunch or bring your own food and picnic on the boat, or any combination that suits you.

Every one of our charters is unique and when you contact us to make a reservation we will work with you to make sure your day out is the best it can be.

Cayman Sea Private Charter