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Our mission at Cayman Sea Private Charter is to make every day with us unique and personal.

I’m James, the owner of Cayman Sea Private Charter.

When you call +1-345-925-2628 or use the contact form you are calling or emailing me directly. I built this website, took and edited all the photos, and wrote all the words you read here. I’m also the boat mechanic, bookkeeper and general ‘dogsbody’. I even do boat tours sometimes! The guys who work with me are first rate… I take care of them and they take care of me by taking care of you. There’s no outsourcing, no disinterested staff, and the buck stops with me.

My first love has always been the sea, growing up surfing and around the ocean in Australia, but my career took a different path.

For over 25 years I’ve worked as a commercial pilot flying in remote places such as Papua New Guinea and in Africa I was lucky to fly the legendary C-130 Hercules on food relief missions in various conflict areas.

Almost 15 of those years I flew for major airlines on a range of heavy jets up to and including the Boeing 777-300ER and the venerable Boeing 747 across the world.

I first moved to Grand Cayman in 1998, and realising I’d found paradise am very grateful I can call Cayman home… I love the Cayman Islands and the people here; the old-world charm, the ‘old school’ manners, the lack of commercialism, the “soon come” pace of life.

There comes time for a change and, having been boating for years, I founded Cayman Sea Private Charter as a return to my roots and something that I truly love.

I strive to offer you a quality product backed by years of professional safety-oriented training, experience and a love and knowledge of the ocean that I hope will make your day with us one you’ll always remember.

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